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Paul Clayton



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Health Defence - the nutritional secrets of healthy longevity

This website, based on my book of the same name, shows you how to defend yourself against the main causes of premature death in the Western world. And thereby achieve not just a longer life, but a longer quality of life.

Cutting the risk of each of the six main forms of degenerative disease - Heart disease, Stroke, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Diabetes and Osteoporosis - is the secret of a long quality life.

I examine the two main causes of these degenerative diseases that rob us of a full healthy lifespan - a weakened immune system and free radical attack. And I discuss which nutritional elements will boost your immune system and defend against free radicals.

The website summarises the main arguments of Health Defence, the book.  However, the book has much more advice to offer and I naturally recommend it to you.

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Dr Paul Clayton