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Health Defence Cookbook cover

The cookbook is out of print, but you can read it in full online HERE.

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The media may like to talk about the impact of genes on our health – because that’s news. But it is still true that what we eat is, along with exercise, the most important influence on whether we live out a full and healthy life.

The Health Defence Cookbook is the companion to the Health Defence book – an exciting, full colour, cookery book that enables you to boost your intake of the most protective nutrients that science has identified – but through recipes that are totally in tune with the British palate.

That’s where the art of the cook meets the science of nutritionist. Dr Paul Clayton has teamed up with TV chef Portia Spooner. She has taken his list of the nutrients that confer the highest levels of protection against degenerative disease and turned them into delicious and above all practical meals that will grace any table.


A starter

A typical starter, above!


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