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Dr Paul Clayton's Concept
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The pre-ill - could include you!
Why the body runs down
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Strengthening the Immune System
Defeating Free Radical attack
Your well-balanced, nutritionally deficient diet
RDA's are not enough
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Fortunately we have a good scientific guide as to what to do - because some people do achieve active and healthy old age, and there are whole populations where the incidence of cancer or heart disease is a fraction of our own in the West. Moreover, our knowledge of how disease develops and how elements in our diet interact is increasing rapidly.


For example, the relative immunity of the French to heart disease is due to various components in their diet.

They include the mono-unsaturated fatty acids in olive oil, the flavonoids in red wine, and other anti-oxidant compounds such as lutein in kale and other green leaf vegetables and lycopene in tomatoes.






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