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Coronary artery disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and osteoporosis do not occur overnight, although the symptoms might do. They are slowly progressing conditions, which develop for years or decades before symptoms finally emerge.

In other words, the majority of apparently healthy people over the age of 40-45 are in fact pre-ill. They contain in their bodies the seeds of the illness which will eventually become overt, and perhaps kill them. An artery is beginning to silt up; bone is thinning; brain cells are dying – leading eventually, to a heart attack, osteoporotic fracture, or dementia.

But is it inevitable? If we were to focus on these pre-ill, perhaps we could slow or stop these diseases before they became clinical? Or reverse them?

This is the core of the new ' nutritional medicine'. A preventative approach which corrects the metabolic errors before the first twinge of angina, the first broken bone, or the first shadow on the x-ray manifests itself.



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