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Concept : RDA's are not enough : Page 1 of 2

The evidence is that modern factors demand that we need not just to eat a better diet but to supplement that diet.

About 40% of adults in the UK and 50% in the USA now do take a vitamin and mineral supplement. But most have been seduced into thinking that taking an A-Z type supplement, incorporating the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs), of a range of nutrients will do.

It won't.

When it originally drew up the RDAs, the National Academy of Sciences never claimed these represented nutrient intakes designed to achieve optimal health. They were never more than a safety net, with the specific purpose of preventing deficiency diseases.

The RDA concept suffers from three major weaknesses:

They are average values and do not take into account the needs of the individual, which may be much higher in many circumstances - for example as we get older, live more stressful lives, drink or take the Pill.

The dose sufficient to prevent depletion states is not high enough to guarantee sustained optimal health.

Some absolutely vital nutrients have not yet had an RDA established for them.


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