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Dr Paul Clayton's Concept
Why the drugs don't work
The pre-ill - could include you!
Why the body runs down
The two main threats to your health
Strengthening the Immune System
Defeating Free Radical attack
Your well-balanced, nutritionally deficient diet
RDA's are not enough
You need Optimum Levels of NutritionComplete the nutritional jigsaw


Concept : Completing the nutritional jigsaw : Page 1 of 1

In the rest of this web site we will look at each of the degenerative diseases in turn. What causes them and how do you protect yourself from them? The focus is on maintaining 'wellness' rather than treating illness.

The nutrients you need to protect yourself from each main disease provide a series of overlapping lines of defence. Each bit of the defence strategy affords some protection, but unless you have all the defences in place you remain vulnerable.

The nutrients can also be visualised as pieces in a jigsaw. To get the fullest protection, all the pieces need to be in place.

I recommend that you do go through the section on Defending against degenerative diseases first - because then you will understand exactly why only a truly comprehensive supplement programme will do.

However, there are some people who can't resist a peek at the last page of a novel! If you are one, you can link here to my All Inclusive Defence Strategy to see what a completed defensive jigsaw would look like.






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