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Concept : Why the body runs down : Page 2 of 2

This is why we sicken and die prematurely at 75; because in almost all of us, the processes of repair are below par. And the balance of evidence shows that, in the majority of cases, this is due to the depletion of micro-nutrients.

Surveys, like the one below, show that most people are depleted in most micro-nutrients.

But depletion levels are far worse than the chart implies, because it only shows those 'conventional' nutrients that have historically had the most research devoted to them.

Other nutrients like Omega 3 oils, soy isoflavones, the flavonoids in fruits and vegetables, carotenoids like lycopene and beta carotene, and Q10 have as much, if not more, 'healing power' . And depletion levels are even worse for most of these.

If the body has inadequate nutritional support it is vulnerable to the two threats to your health that most contribute to disease - a weakened immune system and free radical damage.

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