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Concept : You need Optimum Levels of Nutrition : Page 1 of 1

We clearly need a new measure to answer the question, ”What are the optimum levels to maintain health, rather than the minimum levels to prevent disease?”

One version of this measure is called the SODA – Suggested Optimum Daily Amount.

From surveys of healthy diets I have calculated SODAs for the nutrients which research shows are capable of strengthening the immune system and defending against free radical damage - and therefore cutting the risk of heart disease, strokes, certain cancers and Alzheimer’s.

Since most vitamin and mineral supplements on the market use the RDAs as their baseline, it follows that most supplements are inadequate.

It makes no sense to take less than the therapeutic dose.

Research shows that the nutritional healing approach based on SODA levels can work wonders. It can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease; it can open blocked arteries, improve a failing immune system, speed up the body's ability to heal wounds. It can increase energy, maintain mental function, and boost the sex drive.

And it can do more. Life extension is no longer over the horizon. It's here.



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